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Mike's Story

As a former Captive Agent for 13 years with one of the largest insurers in the country, I decided to sell my business and start over from scratch. This was not an easy decision, nor was it a decision that I took lightly. Why would I leave an established business? I had a steady income that provided for my family and was able to provide insurance coverage to my clients. But as the years past I came to understand the Insurance Business and a better way to obtain the best coverage at the best price, and sadly it wasn't thru my current agency. In the past I could help a few and when I was able to get them a good policy it was very fulfilling, but then a few years later I would see their rate go up and there was nothing I could do to help them. I was made aware of a better way.... and that was becoming an Independent Insurance Agent. This was a bittersweet discovery because I knew what it meant for my current business, I knew it meant that everything I worked so hard for in my business would come to an end. The difference was clear, Independent Agents truly represent the customer and their best interests versus a Captive Agent representing the Company they work under while struggling to help their clients. Independent Agents have the ability to shop multiple companies and find the best coverage and price for that specific customer, and their specific needs. With that said all Independent Agents are not the same! Some Independents are forced to place business in a limited number of companies so that they can meet the quotas of that company and keep the carrier access. When I sold my former book of business and being limited in how I could help my customers I made sure and did my due diligence so that I would have access to the greatest quantity and very best quality of companies in the industry. I receive a slightly reduced commission because of this elite access to carriers but I believe it is fundamental to best serving my clients. I can now assist you in a way very few other Insurance Professionals can.

Michael Van