This website is for information on my research interests and publications. For information on education, employment, service, and distinctions, please check my ORCID record.

A common thread running through all my research is the occurrence of locality and complexity trade-offs in computational as well as natural distributed systems. Most of the topics on which I have worked, often in collaboration with students or colleagues, are in artificial life, bioinformatics, biological physics, cellular automata, communication networks, complex systems, distributed algorithms on graphs, heuristic methods in combinatorial optimization, information integration, machine learning and artificial intelligence, network science, or theoretical biology.

Two spin-off projects I participated in for several years since supervising their principal scientists’ doctoral studies are PatternLab for Proteomics and SearchOnMath.

My publications include books and papers. Online material referred to in some of the papers but no longer accessible as originally intended can be retrieved as legacy files.

I can be contacted by email to valmircbarbosa at the gmail.com domain.