Parent Volunteer Award -

Kim Smylski

Kevin Carswell Award - Athletic Citizenship - Lucas An

Vikes Excellence Award (+160) -

Zoe Caller

Brad Yamaoka Jr. Athlete of the Year Award - Ava Barrett and Jonas Edstrom

Murray Baron - Sr. Athletes of the Year -

Jaime Horsman and Owen Geiger

Aaron Buckham - Academic Athletes of the Year -

Jaya Saroya and Oliver Bourgeois

Outstanding Service Jr. Service Award

Jaime Horsman

Kevin Carswell - Sr. Service Award

Leah Demsey

Parent/Volunteer Award

Joy Demsey

Brad Yamaoka Award - Jr. Female

Jocelyn Orr

Brad Yamaoka Award - Jr. Male

Fraser Jacoby

Murray Baron -Sr. Female

Indigo Learie

Murray Baron-Sr. Male

Levi Mierau

Buckham - Sr. Academic Athlete - Female

Nicole Thomas

Katie Gregson

Aaron Buckham- Sr. Academic Athlete - Male

Alex Rome

Purpose of a Athletic Program

Major purpose: To render each individual free to become himself, to realise limitations and successes and to contribute to an improved quality of living for himself and for others. As well as, to provide opportunity to represent the school and to contribute to the development of the heart, spirit and image of the school.

Chad McIntosh (Athletic Director)


(PE Office)