Voting in the United Nations Security Council, 1946-2021

A data set on all draft resolutions that the United Nations Security Council decided on between 1946 and 2021. It includes information on the draft resolutions themselves as well as on the voting behavior of all Security Council members. Both successful and failed resolutions are included.

When using the data, please cite:

Dreher, Axel, Valentin Lang, B. Peter Rosendorff, James Raymond Vreeland. 2022. Bilateral or Multilateral? International Financial Flows and the Dirty-Work Hypothesis. Journal of Politics 84(4): 1932-46.

IMF Liquidity, 1973-2021

A data set on the liquid resources, the liquid liabilities, and the liquidity ratio of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The data is needed to construct the shift-share instrumental variable for IMF programs that is developed in Lang (2021).

When using the data, please cite:

Lang, Valentin. 2021. The Economics of the Democratic Deficit: The Effect of IMF Programs on Inequality. Review of International Organizations 16(3): 599-623.