The Roles of Mobility and Masks in the Spread of COVID-19 (with Daniel Cooper, Maria Luengo-Prado, Jenny Tang)

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Current Policy Perspectives, December 2020 | Local PDF Copy

Media coverage: Dow Jones Newswires

Output Hysteresis & Optimal Monetary Policy (with Sanjay Singh)

Journal of Monetary Economics, 117 (2021): 871-886 | Local PDF Copy

Media coverage: IMF Remarks

Sticky Prices Versus Sticky Information: Does it Matter for Policy Paradoxes? (with Gauti Eggertsson)

Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 31, January 2019 | Local PDF Copy

Working Papers

Consumption Heterogeneity by Occupation: Understanding the Impact of Occupation on Personal Consumption during the Covid-19 Pandemic (with Chris Cotton and Justin Rohan)

Fiscal Expansions in the Era of Low Real Interest Rates

Previously circulated as: Fiscal Expansions in Secular Stagnation: What if it isn't Secular?

The Cash-Flow Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission: A Tale of Two Countries (with Maria Luengo-Prado and Daniel Cooper)