Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat


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The NUS hand posture data sets I & II

AI,Robotics, Humanoids, AI, Robot Process Automation, Big Data, NLP, Frugal Innovation

ANN, Fuzzy Systems, Multi-objective Optimization, Predictive Maintenance


Innovation and Enterprise (new product development)

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Robotics

Neural and Fuzzy Systems


Aruvii Pte Ltd, Singapore

Infinite Innovations Singapore

Robhatah Robotic Solutions, Singapore and Bangalore (2004-17)

Scent of Cigar - Award winning Malayalam feature film - Trailer

Vyaasa Chitra Productions


Editor-in-Chief, Humanoid Robotics - A Reference, Springer-Nature

Hall Master, PGP House, NUS

Sr. Member, IEEE (USA), Life Member IEEE HKN, Fellow IETE (India)

Advisory Board FIRA, AI World Cup

General Chair, FIRA Word Cup and Congress Singapore 2005 & FIRA India 2010

Member, Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly, Govt. of Kerala, India)

Grama Samskrithy, Palakkad, Kerala

Cinema, Albums

Scent of Cigar - Award winning Malayalam feature film - Trailer

Arunadrutham - Audio and video album - Youtube Channel

DD National - Mohiniyattom