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USTV Now - The ideal place for entertainment

USTV Now is known to be a video streaming app that offers exclusive shows for its subscribers. The app has its sole focus on uniting all the American Factions.

You may be based anywhere in this world, but you can access the USTVNow channel. The platform is also known to work on a model named “Freemium.”

According to this, you can avail of the basic service for free, and if any user wants to watch more channels, they will have to pay a fee of $19.

Let us learn more about the US TV Now and its activation process in this article. Reach US @ +1-805-436-1200

How do you activate the USTV Now on your Roku device?

Well, if you’re a Roku user, then it’s bad news. The USTV Now Roku channel is not available in the store. But you can add this app as a private channel. Below are the guidelines to add the app:

  • In the advent, sign in to your Roku device and head towards the account section

  • Now enter “USTVNow” in the code box and click the continue tab

  • Look out for the USTV Now channel’s logo on the Roku channel store

  • Finally, choose the Add channel option, and the platform shall get downloaded to your identity

Guidelines to activate the USTV Now for your Roku

Once you add the platform, you’ll need to find the source to activate the channel. By activating the app, you can start accessing the content quickly

  • Initially, you have to open the URL “,” and you’re required to type a code

  • Now, click on the link button and the channel shall get activated in the process

Use VPN and access the channel on Roku!

Since USTV Now is a separate app, you cannot lawfully use the channel. Watching a private channel on Roku is considered illegitimate by the organization, and thus you could end up in some unwanted problem. At times, the Roku device gets deactivated when you’re found performing any restricted actions.

But for the changes to occur, you have to restart the system again and watch the channel’s content without any interruption. We also framed a solution that might help you out. Try using a VPN and unlock the shows you need to view. It is because you may be based in some other country and endure a difficult time.

Differing genres

ustvnow com Roku is a compelling channel that has a collection of programs and films from various genres, such as Weather, sports, current affairs, and news. Be it mobile or Computer, you can always encounter a good experience while using the app. You can even use the Kodi app and jailbreak the app to binge-watch!


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