Branch's Events

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly promoted officers. The entire Branch is proud of you and share your joy.

  1. CDR Nazmul Hassan to O-6
  2. CDR Maury Lenell Meredith to O-6
  3. CDR Samuel Schaffzin to O-6
  4. LCDR Jonathan Blonk to O-5
  5. LCDR Jenniffer Custodio to O-5
  6. LCDR Tunesia Mitchell to O-5
  7. LCDR Kimberley Ricketts to O-5
  8. LCDR Michael Serrano to O-5

Save the date !

July 25th will be the NYCOA’s change of command/promotion ceremony. Time TBD but want to get the date on everyone’s calendars, particularly those who were promoted.

Congratulations! Hope to see you all on the 25th.

Bylaws/ SOPs

Greater New York Commissioned Officers Association of the United States Public Health Service