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CDR Liatte Krueger

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The Greater New York City Branch (NYCOA) Nominations Committee of the Commissioned Officers Association Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provides operational and procedural guidance for the Greater NYCOA Nominations Committee. This SOP provides guidance on matters not addressed by the Greater NYCOA Bylaws.


This SOP applies to all documents created that are related to all functions within the Greater NYCOA Nominations Committee to establish policies, processes, records and acceptance criteria under the auspices of Greater NYCOA. This SOP does not apply to documents created by other organizations outside of the Greater NYCOA Nominations Committee.


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Greater NYCOA Bylaws

Greater NYCOA Website

Table of Contents

I. Responsibilities and Organization

Section 1: Responsibility

Section 2: Leadership

Section 3: Involvement

Section 4: Ad-hoc Subcommittee

Section 5: Letters of Appreciation

II. Procedures

Section 1: Meeting Time & Frequency

Section 2: Committee Procedures

III. Minimum Standards for Participants

Section 1: Participants

IV. Transitioning

Section 1: Transition Procedure

V. Absenteeism Policy

Section 1: Absenteeism Policy

Section 2: Member Participation

Section 3: Inactive Members

VI. Member Recognition

Section 1: Participants

VII. Changes to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)



Section 1. The Nominations Committee shall ensure that there is a transparent and democratic process for systematically nominating and appointing Branch Executive Officers (BXOs) and NYCOA Leadership, and that this process is supported by branch officers stationed within the Central and Northern New Jersey, and New York metropolitan area

Section 2. The Nominations Committee consists of a Chair, which will be filled by the Outgoing Executive Secretary, and no more than three general members.

The Committee Chair is responsible for the following tasks:

1. Recruit no more than three committee members for the nomination process.

2. Schedule and facilitate meetings as necessary.

3. Review the committee SOP yearly and update as needed.

4. Communicate committee activities and updates to the Branch President and President-Elect.

5. Actively solicit for nominations for BXOs and Leadership positions as per Greater NYCOA Bylaws and at the discretion of President-Elect.

The term duration for the Committee Chair shall start towards the end of the operational year (April) and end when the nomination process is complete NLT June 30th.

The Committee members are responsible for the following tasks:

1. Support the duties and responsibilities of the Chair.

2. Attend meetings.

3. Participate actively.

4. Create and update spreadsheet with all nominations.

5. Set up Survey Monkey for voting process.

The term duration for the Committee member shall start towards the end of the operational year (April) and end when the nomination process is complete NLT June 30th.

Section 3. Involvement

Committee Members: Committee members will fulfill the following expected roles and responsibilities:

1. Be willing and able to give the necessary time to attend meetings and perform any assigned duties.

2. Actively participate in all meetings held by the Chair.

3. Actively solicit nominations for BXO openings and Leadership positions according to Bylaws of branch and at the President-Elect’s discretion.

4. Accept and follow through on assignments.

5. Maintain minimum standards for Committee Participants. (Article IV)

Section 4. Ad-hoc/Special Projects Subcommittees are formed in response to the Greater NYCOA Nominations Committee needs and as directed by the Committee Chair.

Section 5. The Nominations Committee will receive Letters of Appreciation from the outgoing NYCOA President for participation and volunteer support. The Letters of Appreciation should be issued using the template provided by the Greater NYCOA Branch Executive Officers.



Section 1. The Nominations Committee will hold meetings as necessary to discuss the nomination process.

Section 2. The Nominations Committee is responsible for guiding and fulfilling the transparent and democratic process of soliciting for nominations for Greater NYCOA BXO and Leadership positions.

Solicitation for Nomination of BXO Candidates:

At the beginning of April, an email (included as Appendix A) should be sent out to the listserv with the Nomination Form attached (see Appendix B). No later than May 1st of each election cycle, eligible members desiring to serve in a BXO office shall submit, or have another general member submit on his or her behalf, nomination materials via email to the Nominating Committee.

Thereafter, as soon as practicable and in no case later than May 15th, the Nominating Committee shall review the applications received and submit its nominations to the general Branch membership for a vote via listserv using SurveyMonkey.

Results of the election shall be announced via list-serv by June 15th, or the following business day.

Solicitation for Nomination of Candidates for Committee/Workgroup Chair-Elects and Subcommittee Leads:

Simultaneous with the annual election of BXOs, an email (included as Appendix D) should be sent out to the list-serv requesting eligible members to submit nominations for appointment to these positions.



Section 1. Committee Member minimum standards include:

A. Attending all meetings held by the Chair.

B. Active participation in all nomination activities.

C. Active participation in soliciting nominations for BXO and Chair-Elect positions.



Section 1. Chair Preparation: Incoming Committee Chair (Elected Executive Secretary) and outgoing Committee Chair (Outgoing Executive Secretary) should schedule a meeting to discuss the transitioning of the position. Transitioning will include orientation to Committee documents and timeframes.



Section 1. Absenteeism Policy: Will not be tolerated without prior notice of inability to make a meeting.

Section 2. Member Participation: Committee members must be able to commit to all meetings and tasks due to the operational period being a three month duration from April – June. All members of the Branch are dependent on this committee to systematically nominate and appoint Branch Executive Officers (BXOs) and NYCOA Leadership. The Committee Chair (Outgoing Executive Secretary) has the ability to defer choosing committee members for the committee, if volunteers are unable to commit to this requirement.

Section 3. Notifying Inactive Members: Those Committee members who do not participate in all meetings and perform all tasks as needed by the Chair will be sent an e-mail by the Committee Chair informing them of such and that they will not be eligible for the end-of-year Letter of Appreciation. The Outgoing President will collaborate with the Committee Chair to determine the final decision.



Section 1. Committee Participants: Committee members who maintain the minimum standards for Committee Participants (Article VI) will be acknowledged through the following methods:

A. A written letter signed by the Branch President, Committee Chair suitable for inclusion in the Officer's OPF. (See Appendix E for Letter Template.) Each member is responsible for tracking their activities and contributions to the Committee, and providing these records to the Committee Chair for inclusion in the recognition letter.

B. Approval to list membership role with Greater NYCOA Committee on official Curriculum Vitae as “Committee Participant”.



Section 1. This SOP may be altered, amended or changed, by a majority vote of those Committee members present when such matters are submitted to the membership for vote. In taking a vote, the Committee Chair will establish the general procedures for voting. Proposals may be submitted by any individual Committee member, who shall then submit it in writing to the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair and Chair-Elect shall review this SOP every year at the beginning of their elective terms, submitting corrections and amendments to the Committee members for a vote at the first meeting of the fiscal year (if applicable).

Appendix A. Template Email for solicitation for BXOs

19 April 2016

Greetings & Salutations Commissioned Corps Officers,

Good morning. We are almost at the midpoint of 2016, which means that the term for the 2015-2016 BXOs will be coming to an end. The Greater NYCOA Branch is soliciting nominations for Executive Officers for the 2016 – 2017 term. The positions are: President-Elect, Treasurer, & Secretary.

This is an opportunity to not only be more involved, but to also demonstrate your leadership skills. With this responsibility, please be advised that there is a significant time commitment. With a good dose of enthusiasm, motivation, and team working skills, you can accomplish wonders together along with your peers, and personify our core values as you serve COA and the Corps. If you know of someone who would make a great BXO, please encourage them to self-nominate.

Nominations are due by COB on Friday, May 27, 2016. We look forward to your application and to your service! Please feel free to contact RANK OFFICER FIRST LAST NAME with any questions.

Esprit de Corps!

Appendix B. The Greater NYCOA Branch Nomination Biography Form

The Greater NYCOA Branch

Nomination Biography Form

Please return to the Greater NYCOA Nominating Committee by e-mail to: and

**Information below along with a biographical statement (see details) must be forwarded no later than 6/10/2016**


____ President-Elect

____ Treasurer

____ Secretary

RANK/NAME __________________________________________ PHONES: (C) __________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________ (O) ____________________________

____________________________________________________ FAX ____________________________


CURRENT TITLE _______________________________DUTY STATION ________________________________

CURRENT PHS STATUS: ___Active _____Retired _____Associate _______Student

CATEGORY _______________________________________________________________

PAST ELECTED POSITION(S) HELD/DATES: ____________________________________

Current and Past CONTRIBUTION(S) TO NYCOA: __________________________________________________________



Brief Statement of why you are running for this office(s)/What do you hope to accomplish next year?




DESCRIBE OTHER LEADERSHIP ROLES: ______________________________________________________________________



Current coa member: _____yES ______NO

Current nycoa member: _____yES ______NO

DATE __________________________ SIGNATURE _________________________________________________

NYCOA Nomination Biography


A short (100-word maximum) biographical statement. This should be written in the third person and should contain information such as:

· expertise and experience

· previous employers (if more than three include recent employer only)

· education

· awards and honors (discuss higher level award)

· community and professional service

· teaching, writing and publishing

· special projects and accomplishments

· brief personal details (hobbies)

Please note that your biographical statement will be posted on the NYCOA website. A complete Nomination submission includes the following:

· Completed Nomination Biography Form

· Biographical Statement

Appendix C. Greater NYCOA Leadership Grid


First Name

Last Name

Committee Chair / BXO Position


Interest Expressed/

App. Submitted

Community Service Committee

NPS-PACE Subcommittee

Nominations Committee

Parade Workgroup

Officer Development Committee

Communications Committee

Anchor & Caduceus Workgroup

Ceremonies Committee

Merchandising Committee

Audit Committee

Social Committee

Executive Treasurer

Executive Secretary


Appendix D. Template Email for Solicitation for Committee/Workgroup Chair-Elect positions and Subcommittee Lead

Fellow Greater NYCOA Officers:

As the operational year begins to wind down, we look to the next operational year and its leadership to continue the mission of Greater NYCOA. Because of this, the Nominations Committee on behalf of Greater NYCOA is requesting that COA officers consider the positions of Committee/Workgroup Chair-Elect and Subcommittee Lead. The incumbent will serve their first term as Chair-Elect and the following term as Chair. This will allow for continuity between successive operational years. The NPS-Pace Subcommittee Lead as well as Audit Committee and Nominations Committee Chair is a one-term commitment.

The vacant committees/workgroups are as follows:

  • Communications Committee Chair-Elect
  • Merchandising Committee Chair-Elect
  • Community Service Committee Chair-Elect
  • Officer Development Committee Chair-Elect
  • Ceremonies Committee Chair-Elect
  • Parade Workgroup Chair-Elect
  • Anchor & Caduceus Workgroup Chair-Elect
  • Audit Committee Chair
  • Social Committee Chair-Elect
  • Nominations Committee Chair
  • NPS-PACE Subcommittee Lead

The essential functions and responsibilities for each Committee, Workgroup, and Subcommittee can be found in each respective SOP, which eventually will be accessed on the branch website. If it is not on our website, feel free to reach out to the Secretary for a copy of the most recent tracking sheet.

This is an opportunity to not only be more involved, but to also demonstrate your leadership skills. With this responsibility, please be advised that there is a significant time commitment. With a good dose of enthusiasm, motivation, and team working skills, you can accomplish wonders together along with your peers, and personify our core values as you serve COA and the Corps. If you know of someone who would make a great BXO, please encourage them to self-nominate.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone, please send your name and for which committee/workgroup to RANK LAST NAME (email address) NLT May 15. If you have any specific questions about being Chair-Elect or Lead for the above committees/workgroups/subcommittee, please email RANK LAST NAME (of the current Nominations Chair or Nominations Lead).

Current Leadership:

  • Communications Committee Chair and Chair-Elect –
  • Merchandising Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Community Service Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Officer Development Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Ceremonies Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Parade Workgroup Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Anchor & Caduceus Workgroup Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Audit Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -
  • Social Committee Chair and Chair-Elect -

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


Chair for Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee Lead and members

Appendix E. End-of-Year Recognition/Thank You Letter


[Officer Name



Dear [Officer Rank and Last Name],

On behalf of the Greater New York Commissioned Officers Association (NYCOA) of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS), I wish to recognize and commend you for your [exemplary leadership and] outstanding service for the [Committee Name].

Specifically, [insert specific examples and impacts].

We are proud and honored to have you as a dedicated and active member of NYCOA, and we look forward to many more years of working alongside you.

Very respectfully,


Nominations Committee Chair or Outgoing President


Promoting and protecting the public health of the United States by advocating for the Commissioned Corps and its officers stationed within Central and Northern New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area.