Real world cyber warfare learning environments

Welcome to the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, a 501c3 public benefit organization. We operate real world cyber warfare ranges in the United States of America.

We hope to grow to be a national network of cyber warfare ranges; delivering knowledge, workforce development, and other significant value to our members and cooperating partners.

The ranges we operate are run by and for hackers to learn three critical skill sets;

  • Cyber Attack / Hacking / Computer Network Attack (CNA)
  • Cyber Defense / Computer Network Defense (CND)
  • Digital Forensics / Breach Investigation

These skills are taught via a self paced, hands on, well crafted series of "ranges". They are designed to help users acquire and fully develop practical skill they will use in the real world as cyber security professionals.

Everyone who operates a range thinks they do the same thing. However there is a big difference. That difference is composed of many factors that are simply not available to traditional companies, institutions, and government entities.

Find out why