#5 Free Spells To Remove Curse From You, Home or Family [ Already Proven & Working in 2021 ]

How To Break or Remove A Curse on yourself or Family in Just #3 Hours [ Committed To Results ]

how to break a curse

How To Break Black Magic, Voodoo or Hex Curse

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How to Remove A Curse Spell:

These are the proven ways to remove any black magic or spell curse from you or your family Including a simple & easy FREE spell to remove a curse with salt at home.

Today you will learn:

  • What is Black Magic Curse

  • Types of Curses

  • Signs A House is Cursed

  • How To Break A Curse Someone Put on You or Your Family

  • Proven Spells To Protect Yourself From Curses Like Voodoo, Black Magic or Hex etc

  • And A lot More on How To Know if You've Been Cursed

If you are trying to find out "how to remove a hex", how to know if someone did voodoo on you, you will get your answer right here.

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So let’s dive in

What is a curse?

Curse is dark side spells like Black Magic, Hex, Voodoo and Witchcraft which are performed through Tantra, Mantra and Rituals to harm someone.

In simple words: When any Tantra Mantra, Spell or Ritual is performed to harm someone with a bad mindset, it is called curse.

How Many Types of Curses And How to Break Them?

There are two types of through which Black Magic Curse, Hex or Witchcraft are accomplished:

In A Direct Way :

A material is used to cast and accomplish a curse on someone. The material can be anything like period blood, herbs, sawdust, ashes of the crematorium and some other substances which are used to awaken the demonic powers.

The method of black magic is accomplished in two ways:

  • First of all give this stuff in food and drink

  • Second, bring prepared material in direct contact with the intended person like throwing in his or her way, secretly placing in house, mixing with hairs

Indirect Way from Distance:

When the intended person's hair, clothes, puppets or photos are taken as an object to perform black magic curse rituals. There’s no need to place any object or give anything in food and drink to the victim. Rituals powers will do everything on their own.

How To Know if You've Been Cursed: Various Symptoms

There are many such symptoms, incidents and signs by which one can determine or to know if someone did voodoo on you or black magic curse on you. These incidents or signs are not ordinary, but indicate that you have come under the influence of black magic curse or evil forces.

  • Severe Headaches: severe headaches without any medical reason, vertigo or heavy head.

  • The mind remains depressed or sad without any reason, body exhaustion, which lasts from morning to afternoon and disappears on its own in evening.

  • Constant panic, bad thoughts come to your mind and intuitions of something bad is going to happen to you. Vomiting, chest pain and heavy body is also a symptom.

  • Sleep Insomnia: lack of sleep or staying awake for hours on bed and bad thoughts in the mind is also one of the biggest signs a house is cursed or you've been cursed.

These are some of the signs or symptoms only. Sometimes these may differ and things start getting worse day by day.

Know : How To Tell if You Are Cursed.

How To Break A Curse on You, Your Family or Lover:

Hereby I am going to share some of my proven spells of how to lift a curse from you or your family. Please follow these methods of removing a curse on yourself. In case of any confusion or doubt, please feel FREE to contact me immediately. These get rid of curse spells or methods work only if the right procedure is followed strictly. But if you would like me to remove a curse spell for you, please tell me directly. I already performed these spells to break a curse and achieved 100% results in #3 to #5 hours only.

So let's move ahead on how to break a curse.

#1. Breaking A Curse Using Amulets:

Spelled Amulet consists of all the energies, vibrations & Mantra Ritual super powers to break a curse someone put on you. It weakens the black magic curse powers that hurts you. It should be worn around the arm or neck.

This is the easiest method of how to get rid of curses or how to remove hex & protect yourself from curse.

The Best Deal Is: I already prepared some “Remove A Curse Amulets” on New Moon Night and send my clients or people who ask me to break the curse without doing any spell or remedy at home.

So you can also ask me and get this get rid of voodoo doll or curse removal Amulets from me and see the magic of it’s super powers within #24 hours only.

#2 . How To Remove A Curse with Salt:

This is simple and easy to remove a curse spell that you can do at your home using rock salt and Vashikaran Mantra. Over the past years, people are using this remedy to remove a curse with salt someone put on you and seeing it’s results.This method it doesn't require any mastery to remove the curse. Only is to do the process correctly.

  • Saturday is the appropriate day to do a curse removal spell.

  • On Saturday at 11:45 PM, take a piece of Rock Salt and rotate from head to toe 7 times from the victim.

  • You have to recite this mantra 1008 times with that person sitting in front.

  • Next morning on Sunday, drain the spelled salt in the running water in any river or canal.

  • You have to do it on three consecutive Saturdays and you will see that the person on whom black magic has been done will begin to be free from its influence.

Om Namo Ajaipaal Ki Duhai |

Jo Jwar Rahe to Mahadev Ki Duhai |

Furo Mantra Guru Gorakhna Vacha ||

This is the simple process of how to remove a curse with Salt, but if you can't able to replicate the process then you can ask me to perform remove a curse spell for you and get 100% results in #3 hours only.

#3. How to Remove a Hex or Voodoo Doll or Black Magic Curse Chant:

This method is also very effective if you are searching on " how to remove a hex or how to get rid of voodoo doll" using the chant. Before implementation, remove a curse spell has been mastered by chanting the mantra 108 times regularly for 3 days, starting on Full Moon Night at any cross road using Rosary Beads.

Once mastered, you can use this spell to remove a hex, get rid of a voodoo doll or break black magic curse of the affected person.

Vair Var Chudail Pischini Bair Nivassi |

Kahun Tujhe Sunu Sarvanaasi Meri Maamsi ||

Procedure After Mastery:

  • Keeping the victim's photo in front or person, chant the mantra 7 times and blow breath off the victim's body.

  • Repeat the same process regularly for 3 days. And within 7 days, you will notice the person is getting free from black magic curse, hex or voodoo slowly.

Follow above procedure of how to get rid of voodoo doll, but if you can't follow it then ask me. I will do how to remove curse spell for you in FREE.

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#4. How To Break A Curse on Yourself -Paranormal Activity :

This is a paranormal spell to break a curse on yourself or family. It has been commonly seen that black magic experts use very dangerous tricks and curses to harm someone, which sometimes leads to the death of a person. Yes, this is too bad. So today, I am here with a paranormal trick to get a curse off you, to end any dangerous black magic curse, hex or voodoo, which will also protect you and your family in future.

Things You Need To Perform:

  • 2 Cloves

  • 2 Betel Leaves

  • 7 Pieces of Sweets

  • Two Dozen Glass Bangles

  • One Lamp with oil

  • One Vermilion Box

  • You have to do it on Saturday night. You have to go to the bank of a river or canal and take the things mentioned above to you.

  • The first thing you need to do is, to light the oil lamp. And one has to apply Vermilion to the pieces of sweets and worship with Bangles, Cloves with Betel Leaves.

  • Then chant the following mantra seven times.

  • Now all material has to be flown into the water.

Make a special note: that you do not have to look back while returning to home. Within 7 days of performing this paranormal spell to get rid of curse, the person who has been cursed, will completely come out of its bad effect.

#5. How To Break Love Curses :

If you are unable to find truel love or facing regular breakup issues, then it may happen that you have been love cursed. So if you are thinking how to break love curses, this spell is really a blessing for you.

Any man or woman who is facing love or marriage curses can do this. People do love or marriage curses due to hate or feel jealous. So this break love curses spell is here to end your all worries.

It's procedure is very simple and easy. After offering worship to your God, chant the given spell or Vashikaran Mantra for 108 times. Best day to start is Friday. Best Time to Start Morning 4AM.

|| Vivashya Vivashya Hum Faat ||

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Conclusion: If the things are getting worse for you and nothing seems working, then contact breaking a curse expert pro like me without getting more delay for proven how to break a curse on yourself, your family or lover to see the quick results in #3 hours.

I share the above FREE Spells for educational purposes only. I strongly recommend that you should consult an experienced spell caster like me before following anything and allow me to do the work for you.

But if you aren't able to follow the procedure, you can ask me to do the entire process for you and bring 100% results. Contact me on WhatsApp, Phone or Email 24*7. I am available.

Can I break curse by prayer?

Yes, of course. A couple of years ago, this was also mine question. how to break black magic curse spell with prayer. But later I realized that prayers work excellently in every aspect of life.. I have proven 1000s of times for success. Ask for more details.

What are signs someone put hex on you?

Please browse the article. I have already shared someone sings to ensure if someone put a hex on you.

How to break a curse on someone else?

Procedure is same to remove a curse on someone else as described above. I am reachable on WhatsApp or Phone 24*7. You can contact me anytime.

What happens when you emove a curse?

Remove all negative effect of implemented curse spells and brings person to the initial stage of mind.

Is it safe to use how to remove a black magic curse on you?

Yes truly, it is totally safe to caste how to break black magic curse on you at home without any harm.

Can you tell me if I have been cursed?

Yes, I can tell you if you have been cursed. I would need your full name, birth details and photo to check.