Tree Earrings Bird Feeders

Red Nectar Ring- SOLD

Red Cuff - $29.00

Yellow Cuff - $29.00

Green Cuff - $29.00

Gold Cuff - $29.00

Olive Frill Nest - $36.00

Red Frill Nest - SOLD

Orange Frill Nest - SOLD

Team Frill Nest - SOLD

Teal Large Perch Pendant - $54.00

Cream Double Drop - SOLD

Gold Double Drop - $38.00

Orange Salver - $62.00

Tree Earring Bird Feeders are hand crafted artworks made in New Zealand. These practical , graceful and light hearted bird feeders are beautiful artworks for any setting, from urban courtyards and terraces to large country gardens.

New Zealand birds love feeding from the tree earrings. You simply fill the feeders with fruit, nectar or fat balls and the birds will come back again and again.

Tree earrings are individually hand crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials. They can be hung anywhere from tree branches to balconies.