Uptown Christmas Trees


What can I say? Kids and Christmas Trees

19 locations From 43rd to 231 st. For the site nearest you call:

Jane (here in NYC).... 917-575-1944

Gopher Broke Farm (in Vermont) 802-888-9280


Harlem's Merchants of Joy since 1974

WE HAVE.....

Old Fashion Fragrant Balsams

Sturdy Fraser Fir Lacy Douglas Fir Delicate White Pine

Exotics....Tall skinny trees....Short fat trees Cute little table tops....Huge trees.... and everything in-between

EVERY NIGHT, while you're asleep ....

Our crews unload a tractor trailer of

FRESH CHRISTMAS TREES for you and your Family

FRASER FIR have sturdy branches and a bluish cast. They retain their needles a bit longer than Balsams, but they lack the spicy evergreen scent of Balsams.

We buy our Frasers from Canada, just over the border. They are considerably cheaper than trees from North Carolina and just as pretty.

An 8 foot Canadian Fraser like the one on the right goes for around $125 - $150 . The 7 foot tree on the far right for around $95 - $110


7 - 8 ft Canadian Fraser Fir

One of our Balsams in front of a favorite Harlem watering hole. We have Balsams up to 12 feet on location.

$10 Charlie Brown Balsams

BALSAM FIR are close to our hearts. They are the traditional Christmas tree of the North East for good reason. They have soft dark green needles (often with a bluish under side) on sturdy yet flexible branches that hold their needles well. But their most endearing quality is the spicy evergreen scent that says, "Christmas" . Candles and incense try to capture the fragrance, but they miss the magic of the real thing.

Daniel (left) takes great pride in the beautiful narrow profile Balsams he grows especially for the people of NYC

The magical forest at 43rd & 9th (right)

This 18 foot "Peace Tree" is at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the largest cathedral in the world located at Amsterdam and 111th St. in Manhattan. We are so proud to have one of our trees in this spectacular building. We have Balsams up to 20 feet, Frasers up to 14 feet and Douglas Firs up to 12 ft. with advance orders for trees over 11 feet. Call us in Vermont. 802-888-9280 in Mid October.

Sometimes we have orphan big trees that can be had without advance order. Give us a call.

We specialize in narrow profile trees with an old Victorian look. All sizes.

Before you take your tree home, we bale it in netting so its easier to carry and give the trunk a fresh cut so the tree can take up water.

All trees, just like cut flowers, last if there is water in the vase and die if there is not.

We have sold thousands of trees from our location here on 116th Street and Lenox Ave. Now our grandchildren sell trees to the grandchildren of our original customer.

A Douglas Fir in the field.

Back in the '70s and early '80s Douglas Fir were all the rage. But because the trees came from Oregon, where the climate is much warmer, they didn't hold up very well. In fact, they had to be shipped in refrigerated tractor trailers. The trees were beautiful and people loved them, but logistically, they were a nightmare. Gradually Douglas Fir were replaced by Balsams and Fraser. Fast forward 40 years and Dougs are back. This time, however, they are coming from Pennsylvania but very few sellers have them. Today's Pennsylvania Dougs are fluffy, but with strong branches and they have a sublet but district lemon-y fragrance.

On location They range in price from $60 for a 5 ft tree to $175 for an impressive 9 footers.

Every evening, when he's done with his regular work, Santa comes by to give us a hand at 116th and Malcolm X . Here he is with a 5 to 6 foot Douglas Fir

Historically, White Pine have been Puerto Rico's preferred Christmas tree, but here, in the city, they are quite rare. I'll bet there are less than 300 White Pines in Manhattan, maybe the whole city. These trees are almost lacy with long soft needles, but branches they have that can not support much weight. However, when decorated with a light touch, (tiny lights of one color and maybe a very few well chosen ornaments) they are striking.


Not all of our trees are high end Premiums. We also have BARGAIN TREES than are less dense, but still shapely and pretty. We have plenty of trees for $50 and less. We also have 7 - 9 ft , lightly sheared, narrow "Victorian" Balsams 7 to 9 feet tall that sell for around $75. These are uniquely beautiful trees.

A couple of Doug Firs in the back and a 3 to 4 foot Fraser.


These BARGAIN TREES are not easy to find and we spend a good part of our summers scouting them out. Very few tree lots in the city have anything like them.



WE ALSO SELL POTTED PLANTS, STANDS (from table tops to 12 ft.) and ...



43rd btwn 8th & 9th .... Lizabeth 802-730-0573

53rd @11 Ave ....Tucker 802-498-3348

90th & Columbus ....Noah 404-507-2680

98th & Amsterdam .... Alicia 202-647-7977

106th & 3rd....Mike 414-439-8126

111 & Broadway....Katie 541-337-9237

112 & 1st....Ben 802-522-8577

116 & Malcolm X (Lenox)....Matt 802-224-6457

118 & 3rd....Jesse 608-434-9626

120 & Fredrick Douglass....Adam 802-472-1024

124th & Madison....Henry 917-755-8113

125 & Amsterdam....Ben 773-485-1376

133 & Malcolm X (Lenox)....Cooper 224-805-2358

137 & Broadway.... temporarily closed for construction

145 & Fredrick Douglass....Shane 401-824-9045

157 & Broadway....Emily 617-818-3093

181 & Fort Washington....Ben 914-860-5473

207 & Broadway....Bill 973-652-1678

231 & Broadway....Joel 971-263-0205

Adam at 120th Street and Fredrick Douglas Blvd


By our red booths...

and blue lights.

Even if you are not in the market for a Tree, come by for a warm smile, a dose of Holiday cheer and a whiff of a real Balsam Fir.