Working It
for Small Business

I work with you to make your business look good, easy to understand, and simple to find.

Websites for

I invest in the well-being of your business by designing websites that work. Researching your online reputation and competitors' websites are part of my process, which helps your business stand out from the crowd.

Small Business Marketing

Getting listed online and maintaining your reputation takes time. And good promotional materials are a must. I help you pull it all together, and I value the exchange of ideas and collaborative problem solving.

Membership Management Websites

HOAs, community management firms, property management companies, and business networking groups have unique requirements. I support them with robust service platforms and affordable rates to keep things running smoothly.


"She has taken our community website from the stone age to something we can be proud to share online."

- Bonnie Reps, Tyndall Green II HOA


A cleaner design and new features improved community administration and appeal to homebuyers.

Community Management Websites

A new design and updated content resulted in more requests for proposals, and better reflected the company's values.


A basic Etsy shop, fine art reproduction, logo, business cards, and signs got this artist ready for craft fairs.

A Well-Rounded Perspective

Thoughtful Insights

When I choose to work with a client, I invest in the well-being of their business. I look for hidden opportunities by researching your branding, online reputation, and competitors.

Useful Features 

I connect you with features that work well and serve your interests. To this end, I work with a variety of services and platforms. I value the exchange of ideas and collaborative problem solving.

Constructive Creativity

Bridging the gap between your business and potential customers can be challenging. My goal is to understand your business and customers, and craft a website that's tailored to your needs.