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Hello!!!! We love textiles of all kinds and finding ways to reuse, improve and re-imagine them. Reincarnation!! Many of the textiles come from Japan, but some are also thrifted and from our personal stashes of fabrics. Our family is multi-generational US military and we have spent many years (collectively) in Asia. There may also be items purchased overseas but available for "Recayce" due to space constraints ("What- you bought another one of those?"). We will do our best to include in the description. Items can be purchased directly from us on this page, or, you can visit our Etsy shops. Some items may be cross posted, to any of these pages and sometimes on Facebook as well. We will add all links here as they are developed. Some of these pages are for inspiration.

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Q & A: How do I purchase 5+ stockings that match to make a set?

Each antique kimono obi will yield about 4 silk stockings. Because each obi belt is custom tailored for its recipient, their length may vary slightly. For large families: we suggest 1) a custom set made from a formal Maru obi that is longer in length or 2) you can mix match color coordinating stockings made from different obis.

This is an example of two color coordinating sets together.