Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone and Ukulele Lessons

 Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna

Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna
455 Glen Pine Ct
Kelowna, BC
V1V 1R3
P: 250-317-3685

Hours of Operation
Mon: 3-9pm
Tues: 9am-9pm
Wed: 3-9pm
Thurs: 3-9pm

Noel and Lora Wentworth have taught piano lessons (ages 4 and up), Guitar lessons (age 9 and up), Bass Lessons (Age 10+), Ukulele Lessons (Age 7+)and Saxophone lessons in Kelowna since 1996.

The Upbeat Music Academy is located in Glenmore seconds away from Watson Rd Elementary School and a quick drive from Glenmore’s Save On foods, IGA, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Subway. The Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna is also close to amenities like Petro Canada Gas station, Shoppers Drug Mart and other shopping before and after your lessons or while you wait for the student.


Guitar Lessons

Take Guitar Lessons near me in Kelowna or online from anywhere in the world with Noel Wentworth! Noel loves teaching Guitar and Bass students the basics including notes, chords, sight-reading, soloing and music that they love listening to. He can help guide his students for performances, exam preparation and so much more. Contact us today!

Piano Lessons

Get Piano lessons near me in Kelowna with Lora Wentworth. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced Piano student, Lora can help! Her home studio is outfitted with both acoustic and digital pianos as well as keyboards/synthesizers to help students explore music and keep them engaged. Ages 4 and up. Contact us today!

Saxophone Lessons

Take Saxophone lessons near me with Lora Wentworth in Kelowna. Lora loves teaching Saxophone lessons! Music is so exciting and she loves to share that excitement with all of her students, whether they are 4 or 94 years old. She has a strong formal background as an educator teaching improvisation, classical, jazz, composition and theory. Contact us today

Bass Lessons

From beginner to advanced, Noel Wentworth loves teaching Bass Lessons in Kelowna and online! Learn the basics of left and right hand finger technique, scales, arpeggios, walking bass lines, outlining chords, plucking, slap bass and more. All styles of music can be taught. Tab and notation. contact us about bass lessons today!



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Meet Lora Wentworth (Piano and Saxophone Lessons)

Meet Noel Wentworth (Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Lessons)

Directions To The Upbeat Music Academy

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