Pandemic Teachers' Tool Kit

July 31, 2020

Via Zoom

Site and workshop by Peter Pappas

Header image by Thomas Le Ngo

Welcome to our 2020 MAT cohort.

The pandemic has turned schools upside down.

Most likely, some form of online teaching is in your future.

Here's some tech tools you can use online, live and in hybrid settings.

All these apps are free (or have good freemium version). Let's give 'em a try.

1. EdPuzzle - turn existing video into an interactive lesson

2. Loom - make how-to screencasts / Alternative for Mac Users: Quicktime

3. Adobe Spark Video - tell engaging stories with video

4. Flip Grid - post short videos and gather student video responses

5. Book Creator - make, read and share interactive books

6. Kahoot - game-based learning platform

7. Spark Page - create a beautiful, magazine-style, one-page web story

8. Google Sites - easy to create multipage website

9. Google Forms - collect, survey, test and organize information

10. MyMaps - design custom maps and tours

Post what you made here on our Padlet showcase.
Also leave comments on working with the app

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University of Portland ~ School of Education - July 31, 2020

Via Zoom

Workshop and site by Peter Pappas