Welcome to the official page for the UOG CE&O Farmer Focus Project! This website houses information about our project and goals, past and upcoming events, and resources for anyone who needs them.



We serve our communities through our research work and by channeling the data we collect into our outreach events and our resource development. Since 2022, our team has conducted two surveys to gauge where local and regional farmers were in terms of their stress levels. 


We create opportunities for people in our community to expand their knowledge and build a solid foundation rooted in education. Some of the opportunities we provide are mental health-related trainings, wellness workshops, and local/regional conferences. 


We are firm believers that all aspects of health should be prioritized - whether that be physical, social, or emotional. We aim to destigmatize conversations around mental health in the agriculture community and bring the issue of mental health decline in this sector to the forefront of issues Guam faces today.