Resolution of wave-particle duality

Quantum mechanics will confuse you with entanglement, non-locality, photons, and particle weirdness.
There is a type of experiment famous for upholding quantum mechanics that argues for the particle property of light. In that same type of experiment, for the first time ever, we used gamma-rays. Surprise! Quantum mechanics fails. We report the same sensational result with alpha-rays. Additionally, a new theory and interpretation of key historical experiments lead to replacing quantization with a threshold model.
Note: there are no photons. E = hv is still correct, but in a threshold sense.
See 23rd page (PIP page 82)

You do not need to believe me. Here are orignal images of similar beam-split experiments of past and other famous experiments that made people think light was quantized.

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Who are we?

It is Eric S Reiter, and help from friends. Studied physics at Sonoma State University 1977- 1980, and biology at San Francisco State U. While doing business as Computer Continuum 1980-1995 I produced laboratory and automation circuits and software for personal computers. Now I do Independent research and consulting. Published: Progress In Physics, SPIE What are Photons? conference 2015, Foundations of Mind conference 2016. My sculptures were well received at San Francisco's Exploratorium 1969-1974​. Heavy credit is given to my friends Ken Kitlas and Michael Kan for many important consultations and donations toward the unquantum project.