We have drawn up a legal template for parents.
It reflects the international guidance around face covering for children as well as the relevant South African laws and regulations; as a resource for you to use in the drive to help end this practice. Schools have a responsibility to assess the risks of implemented measures and that these measures do not induce more harm than the virus. These risk assessments have been written into laws and regulations and requires informed consent.


Sign PANDA's declaration to protect children.
PANDA is deeply concerned for the wellbeing and future prospects of children and young people all over the world. Read our declaration and take action to protect the children. #itistime #leavethekidsalone


PANDA Responds to Updated South African Government Mask Mandates:


Send this Brochure to your child's educators:
Explaining the detrimental effects of masking children; psychologically, physiologically and spiritually, with links to studies. It's time for change.


An overview of the current evidence regarding the effectiveness of face masks:


The Collective is a group of concerned parents, teachers, professionals and individuals from Western Cape schools and further who opened a public dialogue around COVID-19 and its impact on individuals and communities.

In this anonymous survey, your expression will help as a community and as school institutions, in providing clarity of our current state of understanding of the COVID-19 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES and help us in opening a crucial conversation in our communities towards finding solutions for the future of our children’s wellbeing in context of the schooling environment.