Here you will find videos, jeopardy games, review materials, and links that teachers can use to print worksheets. This tab has links for both teachers and students to use. There's videos, worksheets, review materials, video tributes and more! Click on the links below and they will open!

Teacher Resources and Student Review

New York State Regents Exams Website

You can print U.S. History and Government practice regents exam to review for the real Regents Exam!

United States History Regents Review Packet

This study guide is all filled out, and all students need to do is STUDY it! This packet however doesn't include Presidents George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

U.S. History Regents Review 1

Use the jeopardy's to review for the U.S. History and Gov. Regents Exam!

U.S. History Regents Review 2

US History REGENTS Review

This site can be used by students and teachers. This site is useful for printing worksheets and Power Point presentations in the classroom, and out of the classroom.

Lizard Point

This site you can use to test your knowledge on the U.S. states.

Sporcle- Trivia, Quizzes & Brain Games

This fun site can help you prepare for a test or quiz. You can look up various topics that you want to be quizzed on.

Soft Schools

Use this web site to review for a U.S. history quiz or test!

History on the Net

From this site, teachers can print off worksheets for whatever unit they are teaching!

"U.S. History Student Handouts"

This site has "Outlines, PowerPoints, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Maps, and More".


This website is for both students to learn about the U.S. government, and to provide government lesson plans to teachers.

The American Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Jeopardy

Use this to review for your Revolutionary War quiz or unit test.

"The American Revolution in 5min & 20min"

This is a summary of the American Revolution.

School House Rock "No more kings!"

This video is a funny educational video about the American Revolution.

School House Rock "The Shot Heard 'Round the World"

This is a funny educational video about the Shot Heard 'Round the World during the Revolutionary War.

The Birth of a New Nation

This category deals with the American Government. Government is heavily tested on the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam.

Three Branches of Government Jeopardy

Federalist Era Jeopardy

"Creating a Constitution "

"School House Rock -The Preamble"

This funny video teaches about the Preamble of the Constitution!

School House Rock "Three Ring Government- It's Our Political Circus!!"

This funny educational video teaches about the 3 branches of government.

School House Rock: "I'm just a bill sitting up here on Captial Hill..."

This "School House Rock" video is about the process of a bill becoming a law.

Checks and Balances Diagram

This is a non-complex diagram of the Checks and Balances system.

First Five Presidents Jeopardy

War of 1812 Jeopardy

War of 1812 Jeopardy

"War of 1812 | 3 Minute History"

The Civil War

Causes of the Civil War Jeopardy Template

Civil War Jeopardy

Causes of the Civil War Video

American Civil War | 3 Minute History

The Reconstruction Era

Reconstruction Era Jeopardy

Reconstruction Era Video

The Progressive Era

Progressive Era Jeopardy

America in the 20th Century: The Progressive Era

U.S. Imperialism

"US and Imperialism Spanish American War"


World War I

World War I Jeopardy

The MAIN causes of WWI video

World War I Video

The Great Depression

The Great Depression video

Great Depression Jeopardy

World War II

World War II Jeopardy

"World War II Documentary"

The Modern Era

Cold War Jeopardy

The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

George HW Bush and the "End of the Cold War: Crash Course US History #44"

Story of Us Civil Rights Movement

9/11 Video


The Capital Building Official Website

The White House Official Website

The Supreme Court Official Website

This quiz will help you to determine if you are a Democrat or a Republican as well as lining you up to a candidate that has similar beliefs as you have.

The Republican Party's Website (GOP)

The Democratic Party's Website

Saturday Night Live 2017 Political Skits

Video Tributes

MLK Jr. Tribute

Nelson Mandela Tribute

Abraham Lincoln Tribute

Abraham Lincoln is the president that tried to make everyone happy in a time of crisis. He was trying to preserve the Union while trying to outlaw slavery, and he accomplished them both.

George Washington Tribute

Titanic Tribute

PLEASE WATCH!!!!!!!!!!! After watching this, I'm hoping you feel what it was like to suffer on the night of April 14, 1912, and the morning of April 15, 1912.

Holocaust Remembrance Day Tribute


Memorial Day Tribute

This tribute honors all of those who are and aren't alive. To all those who have fought in America's wars THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. The voice at the beginning of this is FDR's speech after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

"D-Day Tribute - June 6th 1944 "

Today, June 6, we remember all those who fought in the Allied invasion of Normandy, France. We also remember all those to sacrificed their life for this event.

"Same Sex Marriage Tribute"

This is a tribute to honor the Supreme Court ruling of gay marriage being legal across all 50 states


This is a tribute to the Declaration of Independence signing.

[Japan] Tribute to the People of Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 @0815

This video honors all those who died during the deadly explosion on Hiroshima.

"Epic World War II Tribute"

" In the Arms of the Angels: A September 11 Memorial "

The music is very touching and I think viewers will like it.

Patriot Day Keynote-Michael Fineo

This is a speech that my dad's college room mate gave on September 11, 2016

Constitution Day Video Tribute

Veterans Day Tribute

This video honors all those who served our country.

"JFK HD Tribute"

Pearl Harbor Tribute

This video shows what happened on Pearl Harbor

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