UNHS Employee Files & Intranet

Employees must complete regular training.

Click on the image link to the left to go to the training site.

4 Easy Peasy STEPS:

1) Select "Training Materials"

2) The Account Name and Password are the same for everyone: unhsi

3) Open the .pdf and study the material.

4) Take the quiz. You must use your 10-digit student ID, see your supervisor to get it. (Hint: Use the link at the bottom of the pdf, it will take you right to the Quiz.) If you did poorly, you can re-take it. You can even use your phone to take the quiz on-the-go!

That's it!

Direct link to training page Click Here

Training Video, How-to

Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual 3 15 2016.pdf
Vacation Pay-out 9 24 2020.pdf
HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement 10 2017.pdf
Travel Approval Form 9-20-2011.pdf
Wellness Program Race Waiver (3).pdf
Vehicle postaccident form for insurance 2015 (2).pdf
Training and Education Prior Approval Form.docx
Time Clock Alteration Form.pdf
New Employee checklist unhs 4 1 2016.docx
Transport Request form UNHS.pdf
FMLA form.pdf
Direct Deposit Form unhs.docx