Michael S. Gibbons is a Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience. 

Graphic design Roles:  Senior Technical Writer, UX Designer, Conceptual designer for Visual Effects & Film Production.

Unexpected Toy is the name of his small business. Established in 2009 for the creation and sale of molds and resin cast designer toys. (No longer selling merchandise at the moment.)  Shifted to using the name solely for graphic design work.


The Daily Art Challenge

On December 28, 2014 began a daily creative challenge*.  Make an original art creation once a day.  More than one can be created, but at least one should be posted online as evidence. 

* This challenge never promised anyone that each day’s creations would be aesthetically good, for a specific audience, or even if I was happy with it.  Only that I would make the attempt then post the result.  This is important because this lets me try things and fail.  There have been some amazing failures.  And by posting this work I'm able to track what works and what does not.

Daily Art - Character Design Examples

2019 Creations.