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We have been in business almost eight years! Every year Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma save the State of Oklahoma millions of dollars in legal fees! These savings alone helps our local economy. Additionally, it enables families to heal quicker and makes the divide after a dissolution of marriage much smaller than what would happen in a typically heated court battle. Keeping the process peaceful is of particular importance when minor children are involved!

Our offices are poised and ready to help you anytime you need it. From the initial appointment to the final court date, and even post-divorce. We are here to help!

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Our goal is to simplify the Divorce process in Oklahoma and eliminate unnecessary legal fees.

Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. aims to provide cheap Oklahoma divorce services. We want to help you save thousands if you’re going through a divorce. We’ve seen people spend unto 6 figures in divorce costs! There’s NO REASON it should ever come to that.

We love helping people solve problems! We love hearing our customers call and tell us about their experience at the court house. We get a ton of calls from customers who say their divorce was smoother than expected. We appreciate those calls. It makes it worth all-the while!

Uncontested Divorce Combined with Mediation

Everybody wants the low-cost divorce option that is popular with Uncontested cases. No one wants to pay $8,000.00 for a divorce in Oklahoma! Unfortunately, not everyone has a true Uncontested dispute. With our Dispute Resolution Process, we can mediate the disagreements and potentially avoid a nasty Contested Court Battle!


We are a Family and Divorce Mediation Practice. We utilize the practice of Divorce Mediation to settle divorce disputes outside of court, without the need to hire expensive divorce lawyers in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, or Edmond. We help people divorcing in all 77 Counties in Oklahoma.

Founded in 2008, EXPDM has helped thousands of residents in the State of Oklahoma successfully complete Pro Se divorces, which is Latin and means “For Self.” When divorce tensions get high, we utilize unique processes in the areas of “Alternate Dispute Resolution” and “Divorce Mediation” to settle tough disputes.

Oklahoma Divorce Forms Uncontested

Are you looking for Oklahoma Divorce Forms Uncontested Divorce? If so, then we are elated to help you! Divorce in Oklahoma can be difficult, ESPECIALLY if you don’t know what you’re doing with Oklahoma Divorce Forms! Where to start – how to get started – how do you file for divorce in Oklahoma, these are all questions that people searching for divorce info have on their mind! Our goal is to simplify the Oklahoma divorce process. We utilize methods of uncontested divorce along with divorce mediation to get the job done much easier for you!

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An Uncontested Divorce is different than traditional divorce, also known as “contested divorce” or “litigated divorce.” The litigated divorce involves having a Petitioner and a Respondent who both hire lawyers to fight for them. A Petitioner is the person who initially files the divorce petition at the court clerk’s office. The Respondent is a person who Responds to a lawsuit. In contested matters, the lawyers must duke it out in a court of law and let a Judge decide what’s best for the parties based on the law and the facts. This can result in a long, drawn out and expensive process that can be emotionally and financially burdening.

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Divorce Mediation Oklahoma - (405) 633-3194 - Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Divorce Services - (405) 633-3194 - Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Divorce - (405) 633-3194 - Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma
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Divorce in Oklahoma - (405) 633-3194 - Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma