U N C O M M O N   E D U C A T I O N   C O M P A N Y

Mission—to provide transformational education to all who seek growth and expansion in their personal, professional, spiritual, relational, and soulful lives.

Vision—to positively impact millions of teens, young adults, and adults through books, courses, experiences, and coaching. By teaching, coaching, and mentoring individuals and groups, Uncommon Education Company will elevate the collective vibrational level of humanity.

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A B O U T    T H E    F O U N D E R S


Holly Couch

 In addition to being a life and health coach for teens, young adults, and adults, I have been teaching yoga, mindfulness, positive human development, and conscious leadership full time in independent schools for four years. Planting the seeds of positive human development, compassion, empathy, loving kindness, self-awareness, and wellness is more important than ever. The world needs more evolved young adults to move us all forward in a more evolved direction.

 I have practiced these principles with my own son since he was in kindergarten and I firmly believe this is why he has turned out to be such a remarkable human being. He was diagnosed with ADHD/Anxiety and I was determined to find natural and alternative solutions to help him on his journey. Yoga and Mindfulness have played a significant role in his healing and personal growth journey.

I am certified and registered through The Yoga Alliance, RYT200, YogaEd Teen Yoga in Education, Mindful Schools, and JMT Life Coaching & Leadership. I have been teaching in a school setting for four years and have been coaching for 8+ years through a private practice. 

 I am honored to share these gifts with as many teens and young adults as I can, to make a positive impact and to cause a profound ripple effect, making the world a better place through educating the heart and mind.  


J.P Watson

Having been driven to support and help people throughout his life, J.P. made the shift to Life and Leadership Coach in 2021 after a 23 year successful career in education and education leadership. Having coached on the field, in the classroom and in his office for the last 23 years, he began his journey to Life and Leadership Coaching over 10 years ago, creating leadership development programming at three different schools.


Much of my drive to become a coach has been through seeking to become my highest self every day. This drive helped me realize my true nature and purpose is to guide others in discovering how to live as their highest self in every way possible. My work with Conscious Education Company has been life-transforming for me and I thoroughly enjoy sharing this work and watching the transformation occur in our clients.


No matter what brings you to our site, curiosity, a burning desire to live your best life, a desire for change, wanting to just feel better about your life, or something else, know that we are prepared to walk this journey with you. You are the one determining the destination and we are here to help you find your way, as the journey will reveal the true destination–Living a Life You Love.