MagnetDL Proxy - Unblocked mirror sites

Below is a list of MagnetDL proxy & mirror sites. MagnetDL Mirrors are hosted at different places where MagnetDL is not blocked yet. If you can’t access pirate bay directly, by means of pirate bay mirrors, you’ll always have access to your favorite torrent site, MagnetDL .

Full unblocked proxy list on

The first step to access any blocked site is through a proxy site. But, proxy sites don’t ensure privacy and data protection. Moreover, they can be easily detectable by modern firewalls. So, we need to look for something more efficient. i.e, The VPN.

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) encrypt your data and route it through a virtual IP address. So your ISP or Government have no idea of what website or app you are visiting. Else, you’ll be easily traced and a suit will be filed in case you share/download a copyrighted file.

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