Umbrella Payroll Service

Accounting professionals take up the mantle of offering payroll services to their existing clients. Often, they offer their financial services in preparing and maintaining accounting records and reports. It thus makes sense to extend their scope of offerings as a more holistic picture of their clients' finance.

Rather than purchasing and maintaining a payroll application, numerous application service providers offer their lines of software on the internet. Mode of use can be based on the professional's level of involvement with their clients' payroll. For minimal fingers in the pie, accountants help their clients set up the payroll on the designated site. Clients are then responsible for maintaining the information while their accountant securely accesses the data via remote connection. Billing and support matters transpire between the clients and site owners.

Alternatively, these professionals may opt to ride on the site's bandwagon and advertise themselves as consultants for payroll services. This is ideal for those looking to establish a name in the playing field. Rather than making large investments in computers, software, office space and staffing, this option gives them a head start in the business. To keep a short leash on their clients, this proves to be a better option to keep finicky ones from jumping the fences for supposedly greener pastures. In limiting their clients' exposure to other parties which may become potential competitors on the same field, it is best to choose the method which best serves the needs of the accounting professionals and their clients.

As employers are responsible for paying their employees, the latter lives up to terms agreed upon employment. Remuneration driven by time spent on work requires accurate tracking of employees' clocking in and out of a job. Even if it is salary-based, an errant staff must receive his just rewards. Umbrella Payroll Service integrated with time tracking features automatically calculate the salary, resulting in more effective management of staffing cost.