User-Embodied Interaction in Virtual Reality


We invite you to participate in the 2nd Workshop on User-Embodied Interaction in Virtual Reality (UIVR) 2020 on Monday September 7th which will be co-located with Mensch und Computer (MuC) 2020 in Magdeburg, Germany on September 6-9, 2020. We seek papers describing original research, work in progress, as well as novel applications and systems from all areas of embodied user interaction in virtual environments. The workshop focuses on challenges related to virtual embodiment for single users and collaborative virtual environments and provides a platform for discussions spanning the virtual reality and human-computer interaction research communities.

User-Embodied Interaction

The representation of users is specifically important for Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality (VR/MR/AR) applications. The development of technological solutions and the understanding of underlying cognitive effects challenges human-computer interaction (HCI) and related disciplines. A number of interesting research questions, such as realism of appearance and behavior as well as their effects on perception and user behavior arise, that are yet to be explored. To support a discussion and the generation of a common agenda, we will organize a half-day workshop on User-Embodied Interaction in VR (UIVR) gathering researchers and practitioners emphasizing the discussion of different positions on applications and findings to collect guidelines for future developments.

Topics of Interest

Submissions should address one or more of the following topics within embodied user interaction. Unlisted but strongly related topics are also welcome.

  • User embodiment technology in VR/MR/AR
  • Body ownership and agency
  • Embodied interaction with multiple users
  • Perceptual and cognitive studies concerning user embodiment
  • Social interactions with embodied user representations
  • Avatar appearance and behavior
  • Embodied interaction in asymmetric setups
  • Applications of user embodiment (therapy, training, etc.)
  • Augmentation of user-embodied interactions
  • Haptic, tactile, and olfactory embodiment

Note: If you are interested in VR and AR applied in Everyday Context, please refer to the VARECo workshop: also co-located with the Mensch und Computer conference.

Submission Types and Deadlines

Submission details can be found here: Submission

We accept submissions of Research Papers, Position Papers, Flashlight Papers, and Presentations for a review.