The 2nd Sabah International Innovation and Invention Competition (SIVIIC 2021) is the second competition organized by UiTM Cawangan Sabah under Department of Research, Industrial Linkages, Community & Alumni (PJIM&A). SIVIIC 2021 hopes to cultivate research and innovation culture among students, academicians, researchers and practitioners towards sustainable development. This will be a great platform for researchers, academicians, students as well as practitioners from industries to unleash their talents, to unfold brilliant ideas and to showcase their inventions or ideas through virtual pitching for opportunities of commercialization.

This competition is open to all participants of professional inventor (Lecturers/Teachers/Practitioners from both international and local institutions), young inventor (University/Polytechnic/College/Matriculation Students from both international and local students) and schools (Secondary/ Primary Schools students, open only to local schools).

All participants will compete for the gold, silver and bronze SIVIIC medals. In addition, they will also be in contention for Best of the Best from each level and category. The highlight of the awards is the Champion award which will be awarded to the very top project/product/ideas amongst all.


1. As a platform for academicians, researchers, industries and young inventors to showcase their innovative ideas.

2. As a platform to inspire and cultivate innovative ideas from various fields of study.

3. As a platform for researchers, academicians, business and industry experts to network and collaborate.

4. As a platform for knowledge sharing from the perspectives of innovation, invention, and design.


1. Science and Technology

2. Social Science


1. Professional inventor includes Lecturers/Teachers/Practitioners from both international and local institutions.

2. Young inventor includes University/Polytechnic/College/Matriculation Students from both international and local students

3. Junior inventor includes Local secondary/ Primary Schools students only.


1. Science and Technology

Level: Professional and Young Inventor

2. Social Science

Level: Professional and Young Inventor

3. School

Level: Junior Inventor