Volunteer Site

How to become a volunteer:

Updated: 9/1/20

STEP #1: Fill out New Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

STEP #2: Complete the New Volunteer Orientation online:

- Uiowa students: please wait 2-3 days to be added to the ICON site: 1) video 2) quiz 3) agreement

- Non-Uiowa students: can complete training: 1) video 2) quiz 3) agreement 4) authorization

STEP #3: Complete the training for each position you wish to volunteer for.

- Sign-up for Sept 2020 live/in-person training for education, vitals, labs, and HIV/HCV training.

STEP #4: After steps #1-3, sign up to volunteer: Spring 2022 In-Person Calendar

- Scribe, interpreters, patient examiners can sign-up for Tele Mobile Clinic

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