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Conventions / Congress / Competitions


Bluewater Tango - Argentine Tango Dance (Sarnia, ON);

Kelly Van Gaver Dance Studios - Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet (Sarnia, ON);

Sarnia Ballroom - Sarnia Ballroom Dancing Club (Sarnia, ON);

Slyde Dancesport - Ballroom Dance (London, ON);

Addicted2Salsa - Learn Salsa on the computer;

Online Salsa - Salsa resourse online

RuedaWiki - Casino/Rueda Salsa Wiki


Dr.D Jazz - Jazz music in Sarnia;

Jazz on Ontario - Canadian Big Band Celebration

The Vibe - Music and Dance Promotions

JbtB - Jazz by the Bay (Georgian Bay)


The Hawg Bar - A great atmosphere for dining and dancing in the Lounge area.

zZa's Pizza Bistro - Spanish Cuisine ~Muy Bueno

Sawmill Creek - Our latest venue for events;

Sarnia Riding Club - A great venue for events;

Salsa Crazy - SalsaCrazy (Canada).com


Judy Jost Fashions - Island Collection;

Exquisitely Designed - Exquisitely Designed.ca

Web Resources

MailChimp - I use Mailchimp for my mailing lists;

GoDaddy - My present DNS Services

DynDns - My previous DNS Services;