Research mentorship program

Berkeley Statistics

Fall 2020 online poster session

Our Fall 2020 class of undergraduate researchers will present their work in an online poster session on Thursday, December 10 from 2:30-4pm. Contact Will Fithian for a link. View Spring 2020 projects.

Apply for a Spring 2021 mentorship

If you are an undergraduate interested in research mentorships, please fill out this application by Tuesday, January 5. If you are a first-year PhD or MA student, please fill out this application.

Project abstracts and descriptions for Spring 2021 will be announced soon. There will be another form to indicate project preferences.

Spring 2021 mentors wanted

We are seeking PhD students, postdocs, and faculty to mentor undergraduates in Spring 2021. If you are interested please fill out our Google form by Tuesday, January 5.

You can find more information about your role on our Research mentors page.

Undergraduate research mentorships in statistics at Berkeley

The statistics department at Berkeley offers opportunities for undergraduate students to gain research experience through project mentored by PhD students, postdocs, or faculty.

Undergraduate researchers meet with a mentor for one hour every week throughout the term and present their work at a poster session during RRR week. In addition, a faculty sponsor meets with them at least twice during the term.

Participants have the option to receive payment or up to 3 Stat 199 course credits, which count toward graduation but not toward satisfying your major requirements.

Please feel free to contact either Will Fithian with any questions.

Who can apply?

All Berkeley students are welcome to apply, including current enrollment students. Full-time Berkeley students will be given priority in assigning projects, and statistics majors are given highest priority.