Welcome to the registration page for the

R.A.D. Women, R.A.D. Men, and r.a.d.KIDS courses

at the

Utah County Sheriff's Office.

All R.A.D. and r.a.d.KIDS courses sponsored by the Utah County Sheriff's Office are available to Utah County residents FREE of charge.

*** To register, please view the schedules provided and select the link listed

below the title of the course you would like to attend.

Then, complete and submit the online registration form. ***

Questions? Please contact:

  • rad@utahcounty.gov
  • 801-851-4335
2019 UCSO R.A.D. Women.pdf
2019 UCSO r.a.d.KIDS.pdf
2019 UCSO R.A.D. Men.pdf
#3 R.A.D. Women Registration 2019 UCSO

R.A.D. Women #3


#1 r.a.d.KIDS Registration 2019 UCSO

r.a.d. KIDS #1 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12nLMAk4XHBsQoEqPlpg3uQuNRDUBFth4VMt-mT9JpFI/edit

#2 UCSO r.a.d.KIDS Registration 2019 UCSO

r.a.d.KIDS #2


#4 r.a.d.KIDS Registration 2019 UCSO

r.a.d.KIDS #4


#1 RAD Men Registration 2019 UCSO

R.A.D. Men #1


#2 RAD Men Registration 2019 UCSO

R.A.D. Men #2