Internal audiences, public relations, social media, event promotions -- just a few of the communications specialities on which we can offer guidance

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Social Media

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Scholarly Communications


Writing a paper? Acknowledging the correct institution is just as important as identifying your funders. Often, this is the furthest thing from your mind when writing a paper, but giving correct affiliation will help people associate your significant efforts with the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute -- for as long as your publication can be found on the internet. So please identify yourself as being from "UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA."

Strategy & Planning

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Branding Guideline

Branding Guideline.pdf

Stationery Template

Google Docs: File > Make a copy ... or File > Download as > Microsoft Word (.docx)

Stationary Template

Literature: Brochures & Backgrounders

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Presentation folder - Appropriate for for important, small meetings (<25 attendees)

GI one-sheet flyer -- appropriate for general use, high-traffic events

GI 8-page brochure -- appropriate for important, small meetings (<25 attendees)

Treehouse leaflet -- appropriate for general use, high-traffic events

Flyer & Poster Templates

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All Templates can be found in the Intranet Resources folder on Canva.

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Templates to Use:

  • Seminar Template with Headshot
  • Seminar Template without Headshot
  • Seminar Template (Less Ink)
  • Recruiting Poster Template
  • Annual Celebration Template
  • EventBrite Annual Celebration
  • St.Baldrick's Fundraiser Template

Presentations & Slide Decks

Google Slide Template

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Google Slides Template

Powerpoint Template

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Google Slides Template


Treehouse photos (Drive)


Genome Browser Logo

GI Logo (Command click or right-click on image to download)


GI Profile / Thumbnail Logo + "Favicon" for Browser Tab (Command click or right-click on image to download)


Treehouse Logo

Treehouse Profile / Thumbnail Logos

BD2K Logo

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