The UC Davis Taekwondo Club prioritizes teaching the skills, techniques, and mentality of collegiate level Olympic Taekwondo to all individuals regardless of experience. We offer coaching in both sparring and poomsae and prepare members for tournaments across the United States including the Davis Open, PAC West Conferences, and the NCTA Nationals. Our club and coaches are dedicated to developing top tier fighters in the ring and an inseparable team outside of it.

Coach Alex Antipa

Coach Antipa is the President of the PACWest Conference, Vice President of the USA National Collegiate Taekwondo Association and a lecturer at UC Davis. He has over 50 years of personal experience in Taekwondo and has coached the club for over 30 years.

Coach Carly Berger

Coach Berger received her degree from UC Davis in 2018 and is a club alumni. During her Taekwondo career Berger was ranked 66 in the world as a feather weight fighter. She now coaches the club with an emphasis on developing a strong mentality in and out of the ring.

President Corrie O'Brien

Corrie is a fourth year design major. She grew up learning an old art style of Taekwondo but since joining the UCD TKD club she has had the opportunity to learn modern Olympic style sparring and poomsae and now competes regularly at the collegiate level.

Vice President Amanda Ly

Amanda is a fourth year neurobiology, physiology, and behavior major. She originally explored boxing on campus but joined Taekwondo later for its kick-based sparring. She has been a dedicated member of the TKD club and family ever since.

Treasurer Madison Hall

Madison is a third year biochemistry and molecular biology major, she has done Taekwondo since she was a kid. Through the UC Davis Taekwondo club, she has learned to love competitive sparring and made many new friends in the process.

Treasurer Anmol Kaur

Anmol is a 3rd year Clinical Nutrition major with a minor in Human Physiology. She has been learning Taekwondo for 16 years and has competed in both local and international tournaments. This club has given her the opportunity to find another Taekwondo family.

Team Manager Raye Chiang

Raye is a 3rd year Applied Mathematics major. He has been practicing Taekwondo for around 15 years, mostly focusing in demonstrations and tricking and started sparring locally in high school and more when he joined the club.