Angular Momentum

And Torque

PHYS 420 - 2016/2017

PHYS 420

This website/project/demonstration was created for a class offered at UBC, Physics 420. Each student is expected to design and build a demonstration dealing with physics or astronomy, and present it in class and afterwords at a school, elementary or secondary. The demonstrations constructed are intended to showcase interesting aspects of their topic, with the goal of inspiring interest in physics or astronomy among the students.

Project Overview

My project explored the strange behaviour of spinning objects, how they seem to ignore gravity and disobey other laws of physics. It was comprised of lecture slides, several classic demonstrations angular momentum, and the demonstration I constructed, a suitcase with gyroscopes in it (which causes it to behave irregularly).


The goal of the presentation was for students to understand the directions of angular momentum and torque and how torque changes the angular momentum, such that students could to understand and predict they behaviour of a spinning object acted upon by a force.