TRX Sidhi
Under development, still only some info here
The transceiver is also maximally unified in schematic diagram and design with TRX Amber 4 ". Differences:
  • The analog signal processing and synthesis modules are replaced by a direct signal digitizing module on a separate board. The open project of N7DDC "DDC Module 2" is used. No 50 MHz band.
  • The goal of the project is to obtain a transceiver with direct digitization of the signal (with appropriate reception and transmission quality), which has low consumption in reception mode, which is very important for a mobile transceiver. According to preliminary calculations, the consumption will be no more than 200 mA with a power supply of 13.8 V.
  • On the rear panel of the case there is a 70 W power amplifier on mosfets with a low-frequency filter unit. The cooling radiator is heat insulated from the case and equipped with a controlled cooler. The transceiver can operate both in QRP mode (70W power amplifier is off) and at full power.
  • For the built-in antenna tuner, there is no free space inside, only an external one, for example, ATU-100.
  • The width of the panorama is 96 kHz instead of 48, so there will be no options with different sizes of displays, only 4 ".

UI Board V1.0

Front panel design project

DDC/DUC board prototype.