Russian replica of a mcHF etc

Hi. My name is Yuri, I am HAM, callsign UB8JDC (ex UA9YPF), a radio circuit engineer by education. After the state destroyed the radio-electronic industry in the country where he did not work, mainly in the field of IT. When I was filed a 2 years ago from my last job, where I worked for more than 10 years, after the disastrous drop in sales due to the ban on passenger air travel (hello COVID hysteria), I decided to work for myself. Now I work again in my specialty and I feel great. Not all of my projects are listed below, there are still many interesting and promising ideas, the list will expand. A prerequisite is prompt and high-quality technical support for hardware and software. 73!

My projects

mcHF TX mixer on-band balancing mod

Russian replica of a mcHF with circuitry and software modifications that improve technical characteristics and functionality. There are 3 options, with display of 2.8, 3.5 and 4.0 inches. It is possible to upgrade any transceiver that is hardware and software compatible with mcHF - replacing the RF board and firmware.
QRP HF+6m transceiver with DDC/DUC architecture, maximally unified with TRX Amber 4". Excellent technical characteristics, consumption at the mcHF level, no more than 400 mA in receive mode. The project is under development.
Compact 70W HF transceiver with DDC/DUC architecture. Very low consumption in receive mode, no more than 200 mA. The project is at the concept stage.

Sale of all sorts of things. We do not comment on the prices, I am not greedy.

  1. I posted the next firmware version 2-12-2m11 (Ltd) in the Amber project archive. See History.txt file.

  2. Posted the final versions of the PCB topology (Sprint Layout 6.0 format) and gerber files in the Amber project archive.

  3. I posted files for 3D printing of the case in the Amber project archive.