Accepted Posters

The following posters have been accepted for presentation at our workshop:

Learning Dynamic Representations for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving

by Maria Hügle, Gabriel Kalweit , Moritz Werling, and Joschka BoedeckerExtended Abstract, Poster

Towards Infrastucture-Supported Planning for Urban Automated Driving

by Benjamin Völz, Matthias Maier, Rüdiger-Walter Henn, Roland Siegwart, and Juan NietoExtended Abstract, Poster

Dynamic-to-Static Image Translation for Visual SLAM

by Berta Bescos, Cesar Cadena, and Jose NeiraExtended Abstract, Poster, Winner TRI Best Contribution Award

Transfer Learning for High-Level Data Used in Autonomous Driving

by Oliver Scheel, Loren Schwarz, Nassir Navab, and Federico TombariExtended Abstract, Poster

Providentia - A Large Scale Sensing System for the Assistance of Autonomous Vehicles

by Annkathrin Krämmer, Christoph Schöller, Dhiraj Gulati, and Alois KnollExtended Abstract, Poster

3D Semantic Edge Reconstruction for Road Infrastructure Mapping

by Markus Herb, Tobias Weiherer, Nassir Navab, and Federico TombariExtended Abstract, Poster

Data-Driven Simulation for Learning End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Control

by Alexander Amini, Igor Gilitschenski, Jacob Philips, Julia Moseyko, Sertac Karaman, and Daniela RusExtended Abstract, Poster

A General Framework for Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Learning

by Mattia Segú, Antonio Loquercio, and Davide ScaramuzzaExtended Abstract, Poster

Directional Primitives for Uncertainty-Aware Motion Prediction in Urban Environments

by Ransalu Senanayake, Maneekwan Toyungyernsub, Mingyu Wang, Mykel Kochenderfer, and Mac SchwagerExtended Abstract, Poster, Finalist TRI Best Contribution Award

Machine learning for situation analysis of automated vehicles based on small datasets

by Yilin Ji, Thomas Michalke, Alina Roitberg, and Rainer Stiefelhagen Extended Abstract, Poster