An hour long panel discussion on:

The future of Non Road Mobile Machinery work lighting in an increasingly personalized and connected ecosystem

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Non Road Mobile Machinery are required to operate in increasingly demanding environments where downtime is not an option and safety is paramount. It is therefore essential that NRMM are equipped with lighting that is not only suitable for the surroundings, but also personalized to an individual user’s preference.

Whilst such personalization has previously been unobtainable, developments in AI, Cloud based systems and open source have unlocked opportunities and provided adaptable platforms that allow for lighting to move from static to truly adaptive.

This level of adaptability & personalization in lighting is now vital due to wider levels of accelerated innovation across the industry. As we see the growth of battery powered & autonomous vehicles, as well developments in UX, intelligent lighting is key to providing an adaptable platform for the continued interchangeability and adaptability between vehicle and user.

Now is an exciting age of progress for NRMM and with intelligent lighting systems we can ensure that we provide a personalized experience that will benefit not only the individual, but the overall business as well.

Key talking points

How do we include UX in every aspect of lighting design?

How is AI accelerating the design process?

What are the benefits of open source technology to NRMM lighting?

What threats, or possibilities, do OEM’s face to their branding with Open Source?

Ownership vs rental – how do we personalized in the age of pay per use?

Meet Our Moderator

Christian Wadell

Global R&D Director


Christian has over 25 years experience within high tech industries, and a deep knowledge of trends, design and construction. Christian is a popular international speaker in the area of work lighting

Meet the Speakers

Lydia Jenewein

Digital Product Designer

The Techno Creatives

Lydia conceptualizes and crafts user-centric digital products and physical experiences based on research and strategy.


Chief User Experience Designer, Digital Solutions

Cargotec, Finland

Jan Krebber has been working as a Chief UX Designer at Cargotec establishing UX related methodologies and building a UX team at Cargotec’s Digital Solution Hub since 2019.


Swedish/American influencer and excavator operator.