Tyler Neurotechnology Lab

We strive to break boundaries in science and technology by creating, studying, optimizing, and distributing noninvasive neuromodulation methods and systems.

Our entrepreneurial neuroengineering laboratory is newly located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We span multiple schools and facilities across the university including: the School of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering; UAB School of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; and the School of Health Professions, Department of Occupational Therapy and the Center for Engagement in Disability Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

We are recognized as a global leader in engineering noninvasive ultrasonic and high-frequency bioelectronic neuromodulation devices, testing brain stimulation and peripheral nerve modulation protocols, evaluating and monitoring the safety and efficacy of devices, establishing best practices for noninvasive neuromodulation, and deploying neuromodulation systems intended to enhance brain health and human performance in healthy individuals, as well as patients affected by neurological and/or neuropsychiatric disorders.