Tuure's Research

Dr. Tuunanen's current research interests focus on value creation for cyber-physical systems and services (CPSS). CPSS meld the worlds of bits and atoms and promise to transform the transportation, energy, and other sectors like the media industries before them. Government of Finland's vision of 6G for 2030 captures well what the future may look like.

Examples of such ICT enabled services are, e.g., Amazon GO shops that facilitate new kind of shopping – No lines, No checkout, mobile ticketing services for public transport, digital services for music festival participants to interact and co-create – and co-destruct value – with each other before, during, after the event, smart television/streaming services and content, tablet-based services for ordering food and drinks at a casino or restaurant, etc. Likewise, there are substantial opportunities for CPSS driven innovations in business-to-business settings. These opportunities exist particularly in manufacturing in which innovation activities increase the digitization of products and production processes.

Dr. Tuunanen also sees that the global awareness of the power of the manufacturing industry will be linked to horizontal CPSS that enable value creation in the networked business environment. The cyber-aspects of such systems are ICT infrastructure, computer hardware, software, and different kind of sensors and actors. These components turn CPSS into platforms for designing and operating service. The data on products and processes gained through networked CPSS and the ability to act on this data through control systems and actors enables novel ways of creating CPSS in industrial contexts.