Welcome to the Tuten Lab

We use adaptive optics to study vision. We are located at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry and affiliated with the Vision Science Graduate Group. To learn more, visit our Projects page.

Representative Publications

(Full list available here.)

Tuten WS, Harmening WM (2021). Foveal vision. Current Biology, 31(11): R701-R703. (link).

Tuten WS, Vergilio G, Young G, Bennett J, Maguire A, Aleman TS, Brainard DH, Morgan JIW (2019). Visual function at the atrophic border in choroideremia assessed with adaptive optics microperimetry. Ophthalmology Retina, 3(10): 888-899. PMID: 31235310 (pdf).

Tuten WS, Cooper RF, Tiruveedhula P, Dubra A, Roorda A, Cottaris NP, Brainard DH, Morgan JIW (2018). Spatial summation in the human fovea: Do normal optical aberrations and fixational eye movements have an effect? Journal of Vision, 18(8): 6-6. PMID: 30105385 (pdf)

Tuten WS*, Harmening WM*, Sabesan R, Roorda A, Sincich LC (2017). Spatiochromatic interactions between individual cone photoreceptors in the human retina. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(39): 9498-9509. PMID: 28871030 (pdf)

Tu JH, Foote KG, Lujan BJ, Ratnam K, Qin J, Gorin MB, Cunningham Jr. ET, Tuten WS, Duncan JL, Roorda A (2017). Dysflective cones: Visual function and cone reflectivity in long-term follow-up of acute bilateral foveolitis. American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports, 7, 14-19. PMID: 29057371 (pdf)

Sabesan R*, Schmidt BP*, Tuten WS, Roorda A (2016). The elementary representation of spatial and color vision in the human retina. Science Advances, 2, e1600797. PMID: 27652339 (pdf) (Press coverage on the Science Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Popular Science websites.)

Wang Q, Tuten WS, Lujan BJ, Holland J, Bernstein PS, Schwartz SD, Duncan JL, Roorda A (2015). Adaptive optics microperimetry and OCT images in macular telangiectasia type 2 retinal lesions show preserved function and recovery of cone visibility. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 56(2): 778-786. PMID: 25587056 (pdf)

Harmening WM*, Tuten WS*, Roorda A, Sincich LC (2014). Mapping the perceptual grain of the human retina. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(16): 5667-5677. PMID: 24741057 (pdf)

Tuten WS, Tiruveedhula P, Roorda A (2012). Adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope-based microperimetry. Optometry and Vision Science. 89(5): 563-574. PMID: 22446720 (pdf)


November, 2021: Congrats to Alisa Braun for winning the Optica (formerly OSA) Fall Vision Meeting Young Investigator Award!

June, 2021: Congrats to Charlotte Wang for being selected as a 2021 William C. Ezell Fellowship recipient! (Click here for the AAOF press release.)

June, 2021: Our commentary on foveal vision (co-authored with Wolf Harmening) is now out in Current Biology! (link)

June, 2021: Welcome to new lab members Alisa Braun and Max Greene!

February, 2021: Our project "Probing, Modeling & Reprogramming Visual Perception at the Level of Individual Photoreceptors" was selected for a $7.5M MURI Award sponsored by the Department of Defense. Grant PI: Ren Ng (UCB EECS); Co-PIs: Will Tuten, Austin Roorda, and Bruno Olshausen (UCBSO), Ram Sabesan and Fred Rieke (Univ. of Washington), and Lawrence Sincich (UAB). (press release)

August, 2020: Welcome to new lab members JT Pirog and Charlotte Wang, along with first-year rotation student Max Greene!

June, 2020: The lab is grateful for support from the Hellman Fellows Fund and the Alcon Research Institute.

July, 2019: Manuscript by Brian Schmidt (co-authors Boehm, Tuten, Roorda) accepted for publication in PLoS One! (link)

June, 2019: Welcome to newly-minted post-doc Ally Boehm!

May, 2019: Paper on adaptive optics microperimetry in choroideremia accepted for publication in Ophthalmology Retina! (link)

We welcome inquires from interested graduate students and post-docs!