Turf Power PSA

Well folks, here it is. We made the decision a couple weeks ago to close down Turf Power. While trying to run a business that requires someone to be here all the time, we as owners have been working other full time jobs to try to make it work. Adding to this stress we have been facing empty shelves with no good estimates on when product would be coming in as well as the normal cashflow problems that most new businesses face. In trying to find a balance in our personal lives that is sustainable as well as looking at the sustainability of the business over the next few years, this seems like the best option. We have enjoyed providing this service to our area over the last few years and have become acquainted with many great people! This does NOT affect the other business at our location. We will only be discontinuing our power equipment lines.

We are no longer accepting any service work jobs.

We do still have limited inventory of Echo, Bobcat, Steiner, and Ryan. Stop by to see what we have in stock. Reps are working on transferring product, so they are available until spoken for by the sales rep.

We'll see you all around!