Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic

Tu+8 at Harvard

We are enormously happy to announce that the 8th Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic, Tu+ 8, will be hosted by the Harvard Department of Linguistics. The workshop will take place on March 4-5, 2023. To revive the in-person workshop tradition, we plan to host the workshop in a hybrid mode

Our Invited Speakers

University of Southern California

Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) 

About Tu+

Boylston Hall, Harvard Yard

Tu+ is an annual workshop focusing on all aspects of linguistic research on Turkic languages, languages in contact with Turkic, and those spoken in geographic regions where Turkic languages are.  

Tu+ has been the venue for fruitful discussions and new collaborations on Turkic and languages in contact with Turkic. The first Tu+ was held at UMass Amherst in 2015, and Indiana University, UCLA & USC, NYU & Rutgers University, University of Delaware, University of Toronto, and UConn have carried on this tradition. 

Since 2019, all works presented at Tu+ have been invited to be in a proceedings volume distributed by the Linguistic Society of America. You can access the previous studies presented at Tu+ here.