Stablization Exercises

Step 1 Stand with your feet facing froward and parallel

Step 2  Legs locked (knees will not bend) and push your weight back on your heals.

             (You will most likely feel your body pull you forward at the hips, just go with it.)

Step 3 Rotate your ankles towards each other and push your weight as far as you can back on your heals making your quads engage.

             (if your ankles rotating correctly you will not fall backwards).

Step 4 While continue doing step 1 and 2 you should feel your lower abdomen engage, if not; your still doing it correctly.

Step 5 Push the lower portion of your rib-cage back towards your spine and then lift them up towards your shoulders

             (as you get stronger you will begin to stand upright).

Step 6 Shrug your shoulders then lower them down as much a you can to your hips.

Step 7 Look up to the ceiling while you bring your head up imagine you have a rope on top of your heading pulling you to the ceiling.