Saniflo repairs

Saniflo problems? We can help

Saniflo and other branded Macerator Units repaired and replaced in Scarborough. We offer a comprehensive 24 hr service to customers experiencing problems with Saniflo Macerators in the Scarborough area and can help you with blocked pipes, growling noises, overflowing units and electrical problems offering a fast, convenient service.

How a macerator works

Macerators offer a solution to some of the problems associated with adding extra toilets and bathrooms to homes and commercial premises such as hotels and offices where conventional soil pipework cannot be accommodated. Waste from a standard toilet is passed into the unit on flushing and macerated by sharp blades not unlike those found in a blender. The motor is triggered by a float switch inside the cabinet as the level of water and waste rises to a certain level and is then pumped out through a 22mm diameter pipe (depending on the type of installation) which then connects to a traditional waste or soil pipe into your sewer.

What can go wrong?

There can be many causes for a failed unit:

How much will it cost?

This depends on the severity of the problem. Most plumbers will not even come out and look at a Saniflo problem because of the obvious implications - they can be the dirtiest job in plumbing. When a sewer blocks up you can usually clear it with the right equipment from a nice safe distance, when a Saniflo goes you have a technical job to do by hand in among the mess. Our usual rates do not apply when working with macerators although we will gladly call and diagnose possible problems for our usual low rate 24/7.  In many cases problems can be resolved without the need for replacement parts, however should things come to the worst, replacement Saniflo units are available from around £290. As a guide the average repair cost is £175.00 including removal of toilet and Saniflo, dismantling, pressure washing, servicing of the blades (removing string, hair and other materials clogging the mechanism) and the cost of any seals and small parts required to get your machine running smoothly once again. We offer a Guaranteed repair or replace service, if we can't repair it we will fit you a new unit supplied from Trust Plumbing with no additional labour charge.

We have invested in the right equipment to help you with your Saniflo problems including professional extraction and pressure washing machines, tools, spares and replacement units so whatever the problem call Nigel on 01723 639103 or 07785 503740 and have your Saniflo or other macerator problem fixed today.


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