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Trust Home Senior Care provides private in-home care consultations which allow us to create a care plan that not only fits your needs but also your schedule and budget.

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Senior Care In Albuquerque NM

Our founder, Dave Romero, started Trust Home Care after 14 years of experience working for 2 of the largest In-Home companies in the country. He worked in California and Washington before moving back home to Albuquerque to help care for his aging grandparents.

He started Trust Home Care with the vision of providing loving, reliable, respectful, and exceptional care for those in need because our families deserve the best. Dave is a very hands on owner that visits clients in their homes and other settings to manage their care and stay in touch with their families.

He is very involved in the Albuquerque senior community which includes working with Guardians, Conservators, Trust Officers, Doctors, Home Health and Hospice companies. He is a CSA and serves on the board of Los Ojos De La Familia, New Mexico Association of Continuity of Care, and New Mexico Healthcare Professionals Network.

When Dave is not working he loves to fly fish and spend time with his family and 4 children Dillon, Eden, Blake, and Jaxon.

Maximum Security, Comfort and Reliability with the In-Home Senior Care Albuquerque

Imagine how perplexing it will be to leave your elderly adult alone at home, without any assistance and companionship. We cannot run away from aging, and for sure, our older family members are trying their best to remain independent. It is, however, still ideal for professional senior home care services to be provided for the elderly adult since they are more prone to accidents. Let’s face it, at age 50, we become more susceptible to bone and muscle maladies. Therefore, we might accidentally slip while we are in the bathroom, or even when we get up in the morning.

The Flexibility of Home Senior Services

Home health care services have become very personalized nowadays. You don’t need to employ full time medical and non-medical personnel anymore. All you need to do is to have an in-depth conversation with the senior care company and discuss the schedule, payment options, and type of service that is best for your elderly. Read on to have a better understanding of the various professional cares that are available for your elderly.

What Can You Expect from Senior Home Care Services?

Professionalism and utmost care – that phrase best describes in-house home health care services for seniors. A survey from the American Journal of Public Health shows that the seniors who are on assisted living at home are more content, and as a result, they live longer. That’s your goal, to keep your elderly as comfortable as possible. When the effects of aging begin to rub off, personal care always becomes the first concern of the family. This is why senior home care services have highly trained and skilled professional staff that provides medical and non-medical assistance. The familiarity and comfort of home will also give you a better sense of relief, since your elderly is with reliable people.

What Do Home Health Care Services for Senior Offer?

Here in Albuquerque, the concept of professional in-home senior services is becoming more common because of the top-notch and dedicated medical and non-medical care that they provide. The variety of home health care services can be tailor-fit, depending on each client or patient’s needs. Even the scheduling and payment schemes are quite flexible. Below are the most commonly requested elder care at home services for Albuquerque residents:

In-house Professional Medical Care

If your elderly needs constant medical attention from licensed health professionals such as physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other types of health aids then this is the perfect service for your family. The most comforting benefit of the in-house medical monitoring is that you won’t have to make constant trips to the hospital. Also, the communication between you and the medical staff, especially the physician who will oversee everything is done on a daily basis. Thus, you will be better informed on the patient’s progress. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Journal of Public Health, 68% of elderly who needs constant medical attention recovered faster when they receive medical elder care at home.

In-house Professional and Licensed Nursing Care

There are two types of licensed nurses that provide medical assistance to seniors. These people could either be a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). It is best to consult a physician before hiring a licensed nurse for home senior services. Most treatments that require professional senior services are the following illnesses: hypertension, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, tracheotomy, colostomy and other serious wounds. Those who are also much older and weaker will require professional nursing care.

Non-medical Home Health Care Services

There are actually several types of services that fall into the non-medical home health care services, and the most common ones are the housekeeping and companionship care. This is very popular among elderly who can’t be constantly accompanied by other family members because of their distance and hectic schedules. Non-medical elder care at home services are also more affordable than senior homes, since they won’t have to be with their client 24/7. The services from highly trained caregivers include the following: exercise, grocery shopping, bathing and dressing, laundry, meal preparation, house cleaning, personal hygiene assistance, and medication assistance.

In-house Respite Care for Seniors

The word “respite” itself suggests that this is a short-term care for the elderly. You might be too stressed and anxious from all the responsibilities you have to endure on a daily basis. Respite care, even just for a week or two, will relieve you from such exhaustion. It enables you to recharge and have a better sense of well-being. This senior home health care service is also popular for those who suffer from muscle injuries or temporary medical assistance.

Transportation Services for Seniors

This is a fairly new service offered to the elderly. It has become popular though, because of how practical it is. Let’s face it, seniors, especially those in their 70s, can be susceptible to accidents when they commute or drive at night because their eyesight is far from what it used to be. Having more assistance for your elderly’s transportation gives everyone in the family peace of mind.

How Beneficial are the Home Health Care Services?

  • Consistency and Dependability – All of the staff for the medical and non-medical services are highly trained, skilled, experienced and licensed professionals. They also have the cheerful personalities that will certainly uplift the spirit of your older family member.

  • Risk Reduction – As mentioned earlier, older adults have weaker bones and muscles, and are thus susceptible to accidents, even inside the house. Having constant companionship is essential because they’ll receive more care and attention.

  • Affordability – This might be difficult to believe, but it truly is more affordable to have constant home health care services for your elderly family member than to let them live in a nursing home. Not only that, they’ll feel more comfortable since they are in their own residence.

  • Peace of Mind – This is, by far, the best benefit for requesting an in-house senior care service. When you know that experienced professionals take care of your older family members, you won’t have to feel anxious about their condition.

In-home home health care services are definitely the best choice for your elderly. The staff is skilled, experienced and nurturing – you’ll never go wrong with that. When you employ professional care for your older family member, they’ll feel more cared for. Also, their sense of independence will be reinforced since they’ll know they don’t have to bother younger family members to accomplish simple tasks such as taking their maintenance medication, laundry, grocery shopping, or going around town. Remember, senior care Albuquerque is well-known for exceptional services. So please, give yourselves the assistance that you deserve.

Nurse and elderly man spending time together --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis

Seniors deserve the best care in their golden years, and therefore all family members are responsible for ensuring that these seniors get quality care in their absence. Whenever a person is unable to live by themselves and no one can be there to take care of them then, a home care facility is necessary. Only the best facility can be trusted to give this kind of attention that is reassuring and beneficial to the old folks.

When choosing a home care for seniors, the following should be put into considerations.

• The type of caregivers in the facility and their qualifications, a good facility will have professionals such as trained nurses, therapists, and well-trained caregivers. This will ensure that all the needs of any senior are taken care of such as medications and other proper therapy whenever needed.

• The other factor to consider is the facility's compliance with the Nursing Home Acts and their licensing. It should have policies that comply with the set guidelines by the act.

• The level of hygiene, due to old age senior's immunity is often compromised and is more susceptible to communicable infections. Proper hygiene in a home care for seniors decreases the chances of getting contaminated.

• The general living standards of the senior homes should also be considered. Things like the quality of food, their living space, and their sleeping places among other things should make the seniors as comfortable as possible during their stay.

• The other aspect to consider is the staff; seniors are a bit fragile and therefore require handling with love and care. The best staff would be the one that can interact with them well and make them feel young and happy being around At Home Senior Care

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