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For Ages 5 and up (Kindergarten - 6th Grade)

Strengthens reading and comprehension level.

Book Includes: Interactive Lesson and Drawing Section inside.

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Based on a True Love Story is loosely based on real experiences. This is a story about love and hope. A young man’s wish (Devon) to find his dream-girl, a simple wish, from a young man's point of view. With the helpful advice from his sister Andrea, Devon changes his negative view on love and begins to open himself up to it. Devon's had a hard time both finding and believing in love, until one day....he meets his dream-girl. Could it be the girl that's literally been in his dreams? Does it end well?

Intended for both young readers at home and schools nationwide, this book is meant to inspire kids and young adults to believe that true love still exists. All ages 5+ can enjoy.

Illustration by: Bri Bolden

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