About Scouting

"In short, Scouting is a youth organization that uses a fun program to promote character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness for every member" (BSA). Scouting is a journey that you take during your teenage years to learn skills, bond with other scouts, and learn virtues that you can practice in both modern day society as well as in BSA. Some of these things include learning knots, merit badges, camping, and leadership. The virtues that you learn through Scouting can be found in the Scouts Oath and Scouts Law. 2 statements are memorized by all scouts and practiced throughout their daily lives. Here is some information that can help you learn what Scouting is about and what it offers. 

Eagle Merit Badges

Merit badges are an important part of Scouting. It teaches scouts important skills that can be used not only in Scouting, but also in their everyday lives. They are also required to rank up as well. You only need a small chunk of merit badges to rank up, and there's a lot to choose from (135!). Some of these merit badges are labeled as "Eagle Merit Badges". This means those specific merit badges are required in order to get the highest rank in Scouting, Eagle. Out of the 17 total Eagle Merit Badges, there are some where you can choose which ones to do, adding up to a total of 13 Eagle Merit Badges needed to obtain the highest rank. Here's some information about all the Eagle Merit Badges needed for the Eagle Scout rank.